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November 4, 2012


A base for users to post their own fan fictions for everyone to read.
A site for fans to enjoy!


Gohan ibbe
Goku777 (bureaucrat)
Yamichidori1 (bureaucrat)

Yami Wiki is a wiki founded by Yamichidori1. It was originally intended to be a test and social wiki, but the founder, Yami later decided to make the wiki go public. After a week, the wiki was now set up with staff and a theme, then it was a fan fiction wiki. It is currently a successful wiki open to any users to create and post fanons as they please for anyone to read. Yami Wiki's goals are:
  1. To be the ultimate guide to everything to do with users' fan fictions — inside and outside the universe of fanon. Everyone is encouraged to help and add everything story they may write.
  2. To create a community site for members to share their views and their theories on various anime, shows, video games, and movies, as well as write their own stories based on said subjects.

Why join Yami Wiki? Edit

Our resource of various users' fan fictions of any genre is entirely written, maintained and updated by people like you. Yami Wiki is dependent on volunteers for its continued survival. As a multi-faceted site with a strong community, being part of Yami Wiki can only be a positive experience.

Background Edit

Founder Edit

Yami Wiki was created on November 4, 2012, by Yamichidori1. Yamichidori1, a bureaucrat and administrator of the site in his capacity as the founder, is still currently active and willing help users and contribute to the wiki, being its main user.

Leader and webmaster Edit

Hosted by Wikia, Yami Wiki does not, and will never have a member who has the final word in community decisions, or any semblance of formal authority. Community decisions are the responsibility of all members, made by consensus through discussion. However, for maintenance and moderation purposes, Yami Wiki has a group of administrators, who are experienced members of the site entrusted with additional tools. However, the main editors and administrators may be considered the two bureaucrats, Yamichidori1 and Goku777.

Designs Edit

If Yami Wiki is not run and hosted by a single person, then it is logical to ask who is responsible for the front-end look and feel of the site. As Yami Wiki is a wiki, a number of people collaborated to provide Yami Wiki's current designs. The current theme (mainly a matter of choosing colors and CSS customization) was designed by Yamichidori1, with a logo (as well as all logos used on the wiki) provided by Omni Phibbestoles. The current home page was created by Yamichidori1.

Administrators Edit

Chat Moderators Edit

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